Fernando Vilela

Brazilian -American cultural institute
de 10 de fevereiro a 03 de março de 2006.

4719 Wisconsin Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20016-4609
Tel: 202-362-8334 / Fax: 202-362-8337

During this exhibition, Fernando Vilela presents three sets of his recent woodcutting works, plus a graphic intervention at the Gallery itself, using the wall as support. This intervention is an installation designed especially for that room in the Gallery, which allows a clear dialogue between Vilela’s work and the local architecture.

In his works, Fernando Vilela has always interacted with the architecture elements in each urban space. Specifically in this exhibition, the black blocks he uses are magnified by the light allowed to pass through them, due to the cuts made in the material. The cuts and openings seek to structure those solid and dark areas, but they cannot. Then, we have an unstable balance between a graphic and subtle gesture, organizing the space, and a solid form, rough and monumental. The roughness of the blocks come from their graphic weight and their organity, created by the irregular luminosity crossing the vessels in the wood.




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